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You will be surprised by the comfort of the Topchan sofa.
First of all, the depth of the seat – Topchan is the sofa with the largest depth of the seat. This is definitely not a sofa for business meetings, but it is definitely a sofa from which you will not want to get up.
The softness of the sofa is close to the maximum, but with full support.
In addition to the cushions (filled with down-feather) and the roller, the set includes one stationary and one mobile backrest. The mobile backrest can be repositioned for individual comfort, increasing or decreasing the depth of the seat. Or even put it in the other direction and lie down on the sofa with your head on the back. The stationary backrest gives you the maximum seating depth, which can be used without cushions thanks to its maximum softness.
The armrests are also mobile and can be moved or removed altogether.

We use only high-quality premium Italian fabrics that are extremely pleasant to the touch and emphasize the attractiveness of the furniture.


plywood, laminated chipboard, metal, polyurethane foam, down, fabric

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