Sofa Stelmakh

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  • Measurements (L/D/H), cm.: 272x126x52
  • Upholstery: Fabric of your choice
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The Stelmakh sofa is our new vision of the well-known and popular sofa Pearl. Pearl we started producing in Ukraine about 10 years ago. It’s time for improvements. Even deeper. Now with down feather. With removable zydia covers. With a slight inclination of the back. Even softer. And on high supports.
The basic model with different seating depths – deeper near the armrests, and shallower closer to the center. And of course, it can be configured in the same way as Pearl – in modules, with simpler lines, fully angular or with a protruding part.


plywood, laminated chipboard, polyurethane foam, down, fabric.

Extra photo Stelmakh
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