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It is not for nothing that we have given this sofa such a name. The Soul sofa will provide relaxation not only for your body but also for your soul.

The comfort of this sofa is at a very high level. This level is achieved thanks to three components:
The 70 cm seat depth still allows for a tighter fit and is ideal for sitting on the sofa with your feet up or lying down.
The softness is close to maximum thanks to the filling with the addition of a down feather.
Padded backrest – a large back cushion allows you to fully relax with your back supported. As in most of our sofas, the Soul sofa has very soft armrests and backrests. Therefore, you can use the sofa even without a back cushion if you need to increase the depth of the seat.
Beauty is timeless and trendy.

We use only high-quality premium Italian fabrics that are extremely pleasant to the touch and emphasize the attractiveness of the furniture.


plywood, laminated chipboard, polyurethane foam, down, fabric

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