Made to order sofas

Made to order sofas

A made to order sofa can be compared to a suit sewn in a tailor-made atelier. Tailored and adapted to the customer’s wishes, the sofa “sits” perfectly in the chosen space. But in addition to personal preferences, there are inviolable principles of choosing upholstered furniture – proportions, materials, design. Our checklist will tell you what exactly needs to be worked on before sending an order to the manufacturer.

What is it like, a made to order sofa from INTERIA company?

We manufacture made to order sofas and to begin with we will explain what exactly we mean by this term.

The entire selection of sofas is presented on our website with photos, videos, prices, and overall measurements. However, you can change the size, choose the upholstery material and color, order cushions, a similar armchair, or pouf.

We manufacture made to order sofas after discussing all the details, with agreed terms, guarantee and price.

What we can change:

Length. Increase – if you need more seats or, on the contrary, reduce if the sofa needs to be installed on a smaller area.

Configuration. In the straight model, it is possible to add a protruding part, make it right- or left-sided. We can also make left- or right-sided corner sofas to order. In some models, you can add/remove armrests or a back.

Upholstery fabric.

For each model in the catalog, the upholstery fabric that is best suited for a specific model has been selected. We are always ready to give an advise, but the final choice of fabric, as well as the choice of shade, is up to you.

Depth, height. Cannot be changed.

For reliability, it is better to clarify all the details about available changes with a consultant. The consultant will help with technical questions and offer the best options to choose from.

In order for your dream sofa to be a delight, you need to carefully consider all possible life scenarios of your family and take them into account when choosing a model. Hereinafter, we offer three practical tips from designers – take them into account so choosing a made to order sofa will be much easier.

The sofa has to be comfortable for all family members.

If you are choosing a sofa for yourself, then everything is clear. However, if your choice is for the whole family, then you need to take into account the age, weight, and physical condition of all family members, their habits, and even anthropometric characteristics. For example, it is difficult for elderly people to get up from a soft and deep sofa, but for teenagers, this model will fit perfectly. For fans of long relaxation in front of the TV, the best choice will be a corner sofa or a model with a protruding part – these allow you to sit comfortably while watching.

The sofa has to adapt to your lifestyle.

Regardless of the interior style, we use the sofa for its intended purpose. Moreover, this purpose is individual for each family. Someone watches TV on the sofa in the living room. Someone watches TV, reads, plays with pets, and communicates with friends. And you can make a sofa suitable for any habit. A deep, soft sofa is perfect for home gatherings because it will help you relax and rest. However, a model with elastic and dense seat filler is suitable for work.

A straight or corner sofa is part of the interior idea.

The sofa is the dominant figure of the interior, around which the entire composition is built. That is why it is so important to take into account not only how the sofa looks but also how harmoniously it fits into the surrounding space.

So, for example, in a large, spacious room, the sofa acts as a zoning element. The model can be straight or angular. The main thing is that there is enough space for maneuvers around. But in small rooms, compact straight models without voluminous backs and armrests will be appropriate. Straight sofas are also conveniently placed along the wall, leaving room for movement. There are also options for installing a sofa under the window, in a corner, one opposite the other. The main thing is that all pieces of furniture are related to each other and are organic with the dimensions of the room.

Before you make a final decision, please remind yourself that made to order sofas will take time on choosing a model/fabric/size and waiting for production. In addition, it is something that is bought to be used for a long time. If there are doubts, it is better to measure everything again, consult with the designer and all the family members who will use the sofa.

Here are four tips to help you make a decision:

Tip 1. Draw a plan of the room with furniture. At the elementary level, a schematic drawing true to scale and pieces of furniture cut out of paper are enough. When arranging it on paper you can see what can be sacrificed and how much space is left for the sofa. By the way, it is much easier to move furniture on paper.

Tip 2. Think about how you usually spend your free time. Do you have a large family and frequent company gatherings? Then a large sofa is simply necessary. Do you spend a lot of time on business trips, and meeting with friends outside the house? It will make sense to choose a model for your own precious self. These are just examples. And you can choose your sofa for every life scenario.

Tip 3. Take a look at other models of sofas. Problem: there is a niche in which a standard sofa does not fit. You can order a model in the desired size. And you can take a closer look at the models without armrests – they do not lose a useful place for sitting, but you can significantly save on the overall dimensions.

Tip 4. Ask a pro for advice. We not only manufacture and deliver upholstered furniture but also cooperate with interior designers. So we will recommend the best model for your home according to your wishes. So, what would you like? 🙂