Sofa Soul Big
3 277

Sofa Soul Big

3 277
  • Measurements (L/D1*D2/H), cm.: 318x176+114x80
  • Upholstery: Fabric of your choice
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This corner sofa will be the soul of the furniture composition in your home. It will play the main role right after the meal πŸ™‚ And the filling with down feathers will hug you with all the love!

The Big Soul sofa is rightfully considered one of the most comfortable corner sofas in our model range. It owes its comfort to several factors: the seat depth is 70 cm; the softness of the back and armrests allows you to feel absolutely comfortable in any position; the filling of the sofa is natural down, which makes this sofa very soft. You can also see what the straight version looks like – Soul sofa.


plywood, laminated chipboard, polyurethane foam, down, fabric

Extra photo Soul Big
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