Choosing a sofa

Choosing a sofa

What should you pay attention to when choosing a sofa, especially if you buy it for many years?

The modern lifestyle is built in such a way that most of us simply do not have time to sit at home on the sofa. However, no one, of course, is going to give up upholstered furniture. Therefore, when the moment of choice comes, all we dream about is the most comfortable, beautiful and fashionable sofa. So, what should you pay attention to?

Depth of the sofa  

One of the main criteria in choosing a sofa is its depth, which determines the comfort of upholstered furniture. The depth can be different and its choice should be based on how you used to relax. If you prefer to “lie” on the sofa – your option is a deep seat. For example, as in the Topchan model, where the depth of seating is 85-105 cm. However, please note that this option will allow you to relax only if you climb on it with your legs. If you plan only to sit on the sofa, we recommend choosing a seat up to 65 cm of depth.

Firm or soft? 

In this case, many things depend on your own habits also. But everyone knows that it takes only 21 days to change a habit, right? Experts distinguish three levels of firmness: very firm, medium firm and soft. If the sofa is intended for sleeping (by the way, we do not recommend sleeping on sofas), you should consider a hard sofa model. If the sofa is chosen for family gatherings, models of medium firmness and soft ones will be more suitable. The last ones will definitely make you relax, so that you will not want to get up.

Upholstery fabric 

After dealing with the two above points, it’s time to pay attention to the fabric for upholstery. You can talk about its various characteristics, but one of the main ones will still be durability. Everything else is a purely individual choice and you will not find universal advice here. Upholstery is a kind of part of design and each of us is motivated by personal criterias of beauty, practicality and, of course, of cost. If you are afraid of interior experiments, we suggest to look at the basic colors and textures. Decorative elements will help to add colors if necessary. And if you are a brave person and you like bright models, such fabric colors can also be found in the INTERIA range. The model of a bright shade will become the center of the interior composition.

Fashion trends 

Generally speaking, sofas can be classified into two subspecies. Conceptual design solutions will always be in the avant-garde. And after them – reliable habitual forms. Which option to choose is up to you, but we will say that both are good. You should start from the style of the interior, your own preferences and the cost of the product. The last few years, preference is given to the Scandinavian style: the more neutral the model, the more appropriate it looks. The choice is yours. But keep in mind that comfort and coziness is a trend forever.