Upholstered furniture to order in the INTERIA store: how it works?

Upholstered furniture to order in the INTERIA store: how it works?

If you need upholstered furniture made to order, we are the place to go. Yes, our website presents our model range of sofas and beds with sizes and prices. But changing the length and/or configuration of the sofa, changing the size of the bed, and even making it in the desired color – everything is possible. Our regular customers know this, while potential customers may not even know about all our talents. That’s why we decided to tell you more about our capabilities in beds and sofas.

Sofas: We change the length of the sofas, as well as the configuration (straight, left/right-sided) at your discretion. The softness is determined by the chosen model. For each of our sofas, we can make an armchair or pouf of the same appearance.

Beds: We make beds for any mattress size. From children’s beds for a 90-120×200 cm mattress to adult beds for a 160-200×200 cm mattress. Depending on the chosen sleeping place, the size of the bed changes accordingly.

Interior items: everything is simple here – you choose the model, size and color of already prepared solutions.

We take into account the wishes of our customers and value their time above all else, but we discuss all the details of the design and technical side very scrupulously. However, there is one issue: it is impossible to realize those fantasies that contradict the laws of physics or disrupt the production process.

Upholstery color and texture 

For the convenience of our customers and to save their time, we have already selected our own options of high-quality upholstery materials for each model. We have already tested the selected materials and know exactly which one will look the best on a certain sofa/bed/chair. You just have to choose your texture and color. We always warn about the pros and cons of the chosen material.


Almost all sofas can be changed in length – increased or decreased. And in some, you can change the depth. You can change the configuration of the sofa: make a corner sofa straight or vice versa, add/remove a protruding part or armrests. When making a bed, we will start from the size of the sleeping place – we make beds for any mattress size. So, you will have your exclusive size that fits perfectly into your living space.

Additional interior items 

It’s a pity if you have to look for an additional pouf or armchair in a similar style to an existing sofa. We solve this “headache” of our customers by making armchairs and poufs of the same appearance as the sofa. In addition, you can take your time when ordering them. After the basic elements are installed and you realize for sure that you need a pouf or armchair, you can always order them additionally. And an additional pouf will not only add coziness, but also provide an extra seat or footrest if you bought a straight sofa.

Price and terms of production 

An individual approach to changing sizes affects the price in direct proportion, that is: when decreasing – downward, when increasing – upward. Everything is honest and open. Production time is discussed individually and fixed in the order.

In conclusion 

If you want to see how the sofa or bed looks like in the finished interiors of our customers, we suggest you look at the interior photos in the Gallery section or on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram.

The INTERIA company is always ready to help with questions regarding sofa and bed (and not only) products. Upholstered furniture to order, a choice of fabrics, additional interior items, fast order processing, prompt delivery across continental Portugal – you can feel free to contact us with any of these questions, we will be happy to help. If you live in Lisbon or its neighborhood, we are waiting for you in our store. If you can’t visit us in person, we are always ready to consult by phone or online.

May your home be soft and cozy 😊