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Hello. My name is Evgen Palii. I am the head and co-founder of INTERIA, Studio of fine furniture.

We are a family-owned company, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture and interior items. We are from Ukraine and proud of it. We have been producing furniture in our own production since 2011 in Chernihiv, and have stores in Kyiv and Lviv (Ukraine). Now we have opened a store in Cascais, Portugal.

The main focus is the production of sofas and beds. In our store, you can either buy ready-made furniture from stock or order individual production by choosing custom sizes and fabrics. Here you can buy ready-made furniture from stock. Or order an individual production. You can order any of the sofa models presented on the website in the desired configuration: straight, with a protruding part, fully angular, or with attached poufs. The color and texture of the fabric are up to you. We make beds for any mattress size. The same goes for the fabric and color. The choice is yours.

Therefore, if you need a "bed and mattress for yesterday" - we will help you. Or if you "still have a construction/renovation project in progress, and I want a sofa of my size and color" - you are also in the right place.


includes sofas and beds designed by talented Ukrainian designers. The design of these products is recognized far beyond the borders of our country.

In 2019, we were awarded with one of the most prestigious international awards in industrial design, the RedDot Award, for children's beds Mickey, Tom and Zaya, which were specially designed for us by Victoria Shklyar from FORM Bureau (Ukraine). We are always open to cooperation and new ideas.

We also offer such interior items as coffee tables, consoles, paintings, chairs, and poufs. For your convenience, we also offer mattresses.

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If the chosen product is in stock, delivery is possible in the coming days. We arrange a convenient time and day with you additionally. We deliver, bring in and assemble it.

We produce and deliver customized goods in a maximum of two months. All the details of individual orders are agreed with you additionally. For us, the main thing is your satisfaction with the results of our work. And we do everything for this.


– are the company's dogmas. It is something that goes without saying. We are constantly learning and growing. Listening to you, we improve our work, develop new furniture models, and expand the number of related products. We never avoid responsibility, we admit when we are wrong and correct our mistakes if this happens. We listen, take into account and change for the better.

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There is not much to write about. There are as many opinions as there are people: each has his own view. And everyone, paradoxically, is subjectively right. Right in terms of material values and the way of spending money.

Prices. Believe me, there are many different little things in furniture that affect the final products value. I won't even bore you with listing them. Everything is to make INTERIA furniture pleasant for you and your family, bring aesthetic pleasure, and not cause problems. Expensive or cheap – it’s always up to you.

Discounts. I won't repeat myself about the honesty and transparency of our company, so I'll just talk about the discounts.


for all our customers. You get a 5% discount on the second more expensive item in the check. If you have three or more than three products in one order, the 5% discount applies to all products. The loyalty program includes such product categories as sofas, beds, mattresses, and paintings. Decorative pillows, armchairs, poufs, coffee tables, etc. are related products. The discount does not apply to them.

The good news is that our loyalty program is also relevant for your friends. A 5% discount "by recommendation" is when you share your experience and a discount. That is, to get a discount, you need to give the name and phone number of a friend who has already bought furniture from us.

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We do not chase after volumes and sizes. INTERIA has always been distinguished by its intimacy, its ideology of a family company, love for each manufactured product and respect for each customer.

I was happy to share my thoughts and observations with you. Probably, summing up all of the above, we can say: we are honest and open to you - starting with the prices on the website and the discount policy, ending with strict adherence to product quality, production terms and any commitments made to you.

We are working to make your life softer.

Sincerely yours,
Ievgen Palii