Sofa Place Big

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  • Measurements (L/D1*D2/H), cm.: 289x145+105x77
  • Upholstery: Fabric of your choice
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This is how a sofa should be – beautiful and comfortable. A combination of uniqueness and comfort.
Sofa Place is almost a perfect sofa in this sense. Let us explain why we think so.
Comfort – the average seat depth of 65 cm is the perfect depth because it is suitable for both comfortable sitting and sitting on the sofa with your feet up.
Softness – comfortable medium with a tilt towards increased softness. It is this softness that everyone likes.
Design – the most difficult thing is to make a sofa relevant in design for many years, and we managed to achieve this with the sofa Place. The design of this sofa was developed by Victoria Shklyar, FORM Bureau (Ukraine).
An additional option is a headrest, on which you can rest your head for even greater sitting comfort.

We use only high-quality premium Italian fabrics that are extremely pleasant to the touch and emphasize the attractiveness of the furniture.

Left/right side – universal configuration.

Technical Details
Sofa Place Big
Technical Details Place Big 1

Plywood, laminated chipboard, metal, polyurethane foam, down, fabric

Extra photo Place Big
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