How often should furniture be updated and why?

How often should furniture be updated and why?

The question “How often do you need to change the furniture in the apartment?” does not imply a definite answer. On the one hand, more and more people prefer universal, timeless interiors. On the other hand, time does not stand still, the owners, their preferences, and tastes change. And the thought that you will have to live with one couch all your life makes you sad.

A good interior is like a living organism – it is multifunctional, but far from perfect. It is worth and necessary to update it. The main thing is to understand when exactly it should be done.

If the interior is not pleasing to the eye, and the wardrobes and sofas still serve, but look dilapidated, this is moral aging. The most risky in this regard are ultra-fashionable interiors. You will probably stop liking them after two years. Versatile and neutral interiors live longer – about seven years. But they also need updating – new furniture, lighting, textiles, wall color or a global rearrangement.

When you sit down in a chair with apprehension, and the closet door no longer closes, this is physical destruction. Upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, poufs) and mattresses get “killed” more often. How to postpone their replacement and save the family budget, we will tell you further.

Let’s start with sofas

An average sofa will serve its owners for 8-10 years, and with a respectful attitude, of course, longer.

How to understand that it is time to replace a sofa:

  • bumps and hollows appeared on the surface of the soft part of the sofa, and it is not comfortable to sit on it;
  • domestic animals properly “repaired” the upholstery, legs, and armrests;
  • you are simply tired of the design/color/shape/size.

How to act? The conclusion suggests itself – to buy a new sofa. But changing a big and expensive sofa every time in our world is a utopia. Therefore, we try to postpone as much as possible the moment when the purchase of a new sofa becomes inevitable. For this it is worth:

  • buy removable covers for cushions and soft parts, wash them regularly or take them to the dry cleaners;
  • vacuum the sofa weekly with a powerful vacuum cleaner;
  • do not hand wash and do not machine wash the soft part yourself, but entrust the removal of stains to a dry cleaner;
  • protect the upholstery from pets with covers made of anti-vandal fabric.

By the way, there is one way to update the sofa – to reupholster or order new cushion covers. But this option will come in handy in those cases when the filler and frame remain in working condition, and the sofa itself still brings you joy.

Now let’s talk about beds and their most vulnerable part – the mattress.

How often should a mattress be replaced?

An orthopedic mattress can be compared to a good suit that fits your figure perfectly. And it is really unfortunate when an expensive and carefully selected mattress loses its properties too quickly. Yes, manufacturers indicate the guarantee period of use for each model. However, this number should not be considered 100% correct because the service life of the mattress depends equally on the quality of the filler and the conditions under which it was used.

The mattress has clearly become unusable if:

  • hollows appeared on the surface or the filler sinks in the middle, and this bumpy relief makes it difficult to turn in your sleep;
  • the filler has become too soft, has taken the shape of the body, and no longer returns to its original position;
  • you or your partner have suddenly gained weight, and the mattress is designed for less load;
  • sleep brings discomfort instead of rest, and you get much better sleep outside the house;
  • you sleep on the same mattress much longer than the guarantee period.

A damaged mattress definitely needs to be replaced – it cannot be repaired or adjusted. But the mattress will truly serve you longer than the specified guarantee period if you:

  • firstly read care and operation instructions, and then follow all recommendations;
  • buy a solid cover with good air permeability;
  • change bed linen once in 7 days, wash the cover in the washing machine no less than once in 2 weeks;
  • turn the mattress every 2-3 months to avoid stress on the same areas;
  • ventilate the mattress in a cool room every 4-5 months;
  • with each change of bed linen, clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner using a narrow nozzle;
  • follow the rules of transportation when moving from one apartment to another.

And a few more useful tips from interior designers.

Sleep on a bed with a mattress, sit on a sofa. Such a simple rule will help you preserve furniture and health much longer.

Buy large-sized furniture with upholstery of calm shades and in a neutral design. And to add to the mood with textiles and small furniture such as armchairs, poufs, coffee tables.

When creating a new design, maintain a balance between emotions and common sense.

Buy furniture from proven manufacturers. Because quality is not always expensive, but always priceless.

And remember that the joy of a low price lasts much less than the pleasure of a quality item.