Sofa Monomakh Big

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  • Measurements (L/D1*D2/H), cm.: 320x142/114x82
  • Upholstery: Fabric of your choice
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The story of the Monomakh sofa is very simple. We have a favorite – the Hermes sofa. But we wanted to remove the high supports, change the shape and add an interesting element. And when we saw the result, we realized that this is a completely new, independent sofa. It will give everyone a head start in terms of comfort. Low feather filling provides unforgettable softness. The depth of the seat makes it easy to lie down on the sofa or sit on the sofa with your legs.

Like our other sofas, you can order the Monomakh sofa in the size and configuration you need.

Left/right side – universal.

Technical Details
Sofa Monomakh Big
Technical Details Monomakh Big 1

plywood, laminated chipboard, metal, polyurethane foam, down, fabric

Extra photo Monomakh Big
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