Sofas for the whole family

Sofas for the whole family

The sofa for a large family should perfectly combine the interests of all households, capacious volumes, resistance to loads. And, of course, it has to have an aesthetically attractive appearance. For creating a cozy place for family leisure, we suggest you to explore options for the shape and upholstery of the sofa, as well as to consider models, that in our opinion, would be suitable for a large family.

What is important to consider when choosing a sofa for a big family

A sofa or a set of sofas is the most dimensional and most noticeable furniture in the main room – in the living room. Design has a significant role, but first of all it is worth to pay attention to:

The room square

Yes, it is the square of the room that you should start from when you choose a sofa, because the model depends on the available space. If the size of the living room does not limit the freedom of imagination, you can choose a huge an incredibly comfortable Solar sofa with a feather filling and maximum seating depth. In a small room it is more appropriate to arrange a sofa set of two straight sofas, complementing them with poufs and armchairs (for example, Harvard sofa).

Number of seats for sitting

It is supposed that 60 cm is enough for one person to comfortably sit on the sofa. But this is about standard models. We rely on understanding the comfort of our customers and are happy to bring their imaginations to reality. But based on our experience, we can say that corner models are more spacious and more convenient for communication. So, for example, the Solar Small sofa will accept a couple or three friends in its arms.

Lifestyle of the owners

Obviously, the choice of model will depend on the emotional mood that the owners want to get. If the living room is meant to be a place for active parties and receiving guests, it is worth taking a closer look at modular designs. Individual modules can be combined at your own discretion or can be moved away, to make a place for dancing (Fellini sofa). If the household prefers a quiet rest, we recommend to choose models with hugging shapes, like the Gaudi sofa with mega-cozy cushions and soft armrests that will help you relax after an active day.

The filling for seats and cushions is also chosen depending on the life priorities of the owners. In multifunctional rooms such as dining-living rooms or living-office rooms, it is worth to install sofas of laconic forms with dense filler (Place sofa). If the living room is intended only for relaxation, you should avoid the use of rigid forms. And for the cosiness zone it is better to choose a down-air filler of Hermes sofa with soft backs.

Durability of upholstery

The quality of upholstery directly affects not only the service life of the sofa, but also the comfort of your rest. If the sofa is intended for long gatherings or for lying down, then eco-leather should be rejected. But warm and tactile textile upholstery is exactly what you need. They can keep the warmth, they breathe and do not lose their color. And yes, it is always possible to order models with removable covers. Firstly, they can be removed, washed or dry-cleaned. Secondly, spoiled or boring fabric can be replaced.


If the room is sufficiently large and bright, the choice of upholstery color is unlimited. You can start only from the interior design or play with contrasts. Fans of brave decisions prefer to turn the sofa into a bright accent in the living room. For rooms with windows facing north and a small amount of daylight, it is worth to choose upholstery of warm or pastel shades. To make a light sofa look brighter, you can always add colourful decorative pillows to contrast it.


A large sofa for the whole family is an expensive thing. So before buying, you should make sure that its design is not only stylish, but is also comfortable. It is better to avoid trendy or extravagant models – they can quickly become boring. It is worth to give preference to models with a simple but modern silhouette – these are the ones you will find in the catalog of our store. We will be glad to add comfort and softness to your home.