Sofa Stream

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  • Measurements (L/D/H), cm.: 220x110x70
  • Upholstery: Fabric of your choice
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We hope we have closed forever the request for a deep sofa with a reduced depth.

A sofa with a total depth of 110 cm and a seat depth of 82 cm is a win. It might be worth subtracting the backrest cushions from the seat depth, but we didn’t for two reasons. The first is that the cushions are filled with down, so they take up almost no space and fit you completely. Secondly, you can do without them, since the backrest itself is quite soft and rounded.

And another option is to choose a backrest height of 70 or 80 cm.
(70 cm in the photo).


Plywood, laminated chipboard, metal, polyurethane foam, down feathers, fabric.

Extra photo Stream
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