Sofa Solar Small Grey
2 799

Sofa Solar Small Grey

2 799
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The Solar Small sofa is all about shape and perfection, but it is more compact than its bigger brother, the Solar sofa. Smooth rounded lines emphasize its comfort.
The seat depth is ideal for comfortable sitting on the sofa. If you want to sit on the sofa with your feet up, you can remove the backrest cushion and enjoy the full depth of the seat. Moreover, the backrests and armrests of the Solar sofa are extremely soft.
The softness of the sofa is quite high, 4+ on a five-point scale. The backrest cushions are filled with down feathers. The seat cushions are made of foam rubber and additionally filled with down feathers.
Solar Small is a transformer sofa – it can be assembled both left and right-handed.
In addition, you can buy a pouf to enlarge the sofa or create a temporary sleeping place. Its price is 774 euros.

In production, we use only high-quality premium Italian fabrics that are extremely pleasant to the touch and emphasize the attractiveness of the furniture.

Technical Details
Sofa Solar Small Grey
Technical Details Solar Small Grey 1

Contraplacado, aglomerado laminado, espuma de poliuretano, pena ou penugem, tecido.

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