How to choose a double bed: 8 key points

How to choose a double bed: 8 key points

Choosing a bed is probably the most important part of the bedroom arrangement. As we buy not just a piece of designer furniture or a part of the interior, but our quality of sleep and our health. Let’s make a note at first: there is no clear criterion “how to choose the bed correctly”. Especially when buying a bed for a couple, where intersect different interests, tastes and preferences. We will give you an idea of the things to pay attention to, as if you were buying a bed for ourselves.

Tip 1: The mattress is the head of everything

We do not sleep on a bed, but on a mattress – we remember this ourselves and do not stop to remind it to our customers. And we always honestly advise: if you need to choose between a large bed with wide sides and an internal place for a mattress, then give priority to the sleeping place.

Tip 2. Size and ergonomics

The main guidelines are the height of the person who will rest on the bed and the dimensions of the room. The minimum length of the mattress should be at least 10-15 cm longer than the height of the tallest partner. Minimum passages around the bed – 50-60 cm. Furthermore, it is necessary to choose and put the bed in such way that you can freely open windows, doors and pull out wardrobe drawers. And in the rest the principle is simple – the bigger the better.

Tip 3. Electricity

One more important point is that even the most experienced designers sometimes can forget: switches and plug sockets should not be covered by the headboard, which in 90% of cases is larger than the mattress. Double check this distance, because comfort in the bedroom is more important than attractiveness or unnecessary problems associated with carrying electricity or reducing the width of the headboard.

Tip 4. The frame

Except for the width and length of the bed, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the height of the frame, because its height plus the height of the mattress is the overall (total) height of sitting on which you will need to lie down and get up every day. There are no rules here at all – it all depends on habits and preferences.

Tip 5. High or short supports

The bed on high supports looks lighter and significantly facilitates the cleaning process. However, the soft frame of the bed on low supports adds comfort to the bedroom. And the problem of “always bruised little finger” will also be solved. So the choice of the height of the supports is very individual, which is better to be decided by you.

Tip 6. Preferences and habits 

The soft headboard looks cozy and elegant. Moreover, it is comfortably to lean on it while reading books. It is definitely necessary to consider the sleeping habits of both people. For example, sleeping on your side requires less space, and sleeping on your back or on the belly means that you should not economize on the width of the mattress. 

Tip 7. Beauty 

Remember, that bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. And the appearance of the bed creates the mood of the whole bedroom. That is why you need to make sure that the overall look, color and shape of the bed will support and not contradict the overall style of the interior.

Tip 8: Individual approach to the process

In the market of manufactured furniture you can usually find beds of standard sizes. But we know how different the bedrooms are in size and configuration and how unexpected the wishes of customers can be. For this reason, we make beds for any size of sleeping space, taking into account all additional wishes. You can choose the material and color according to your preferences. We have a large enough range of beds and experienced consultants, we are happy to invite you to visit, we will listen about your ideas by phone or we will consult you in any convenient online format.