How INTERIA author’s furniture is created

How INTERIA author’s furniture is created

We are fans of atypical furniture and brave design ideas. And we are well familiar with the feeling of excitement when a really extraordinary thing is found in the store. That is why we want to tell you how we move away from typical models and create original products in collaboration with Ukrainian designers.

What is the author’s furniture

First of all, let’s define the concepts: author’s furniture is something more than an attractive and high-quality item of interior made of wood, fabric or metal. This is furniture with a soul. It is a mix of functionality, uniqueness and art. This is furniture that gives a long-expected rest to a tired body and aesthetic pleasure to the eyes.

Author’s furniture and interior items of Ukrainian designers are not yet on the radar. But it’s only for now. Our designers have moved away from excessive decor “in a rich way” long ago and moved on to creating beautiful, stylish, practical things aimed at a new audience – customers who respect their homes too much to overload them with too many colors or decor elements.

Young Ukrainian designers not only offer their works to national customers, but also travel to the whole world, win prizes at world exhibitions and competitions, open author’s furniture stores and present their country. And such success cannot be explained by interest to Ukraine only. Young designers are real passionate about their work, they work really hard to proudly introduce their country.

Ukrainian interior design is honest, unobtrusive, permanent and absolutely non-standard. It is alive and understandable for both art lovers and ordinary people. And certainly in the nearest future our compatriots will compete with the world brands. But we were lucky. We met and worked with young Ukrainian designers who develop interesting and unusual products for the home.

Our partners: designers and architects

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the bed or sofa for the house and it seems to be just as difficult to invent something radically new. But Victoria Shklyar from Form Burea managed to do it. It started with a casual acquaintance and turned into a full-fledged cooperation. The idea of designing Mickey, Tom and Zaya children’s beds brought Victoria a well-deserved “Oscar” in the field of product design – the Red Dot Award in the Product Design 2019 nomination. And further cooperation led us to the release of new models – Place, Place Air sofas and Air, Air Big coffee tables.

One more of our pride – Svoy sofa – is a result of collaboration between our company and architects from SVOYA Studio. As well as the Foxy children’s bed, created in collaboration with Irina Lysyuk.

It is clear that all masters have their own approach and professional attitudes. But the main advantage of cooperation with Ukrainian designers and architects is that we speak, you know, the same language. We think in the same direction. The creators generate the idea and concept, we make it all come true. We like to experiment with materials, fabrics, invent new combinations of textures and shapes. And we are proud of the results of our work.

How the INTERIA author’s furniture workshop functions

Furniture in the INTERIA author’s workshop is created according to the design that is verified to the smallest detail and tested in practice, but considering the wishes of the client. In our work we use knowledge of new technologies, creativity and experience. But there’s always room for creativity inside the INTERIA studio. You choose, we – offer, advise, supplement, coordinate, place an order taking into account the smallest details, produce. As a result, the unique, close in spirit interior item is born, which is fully integrated into the personal space: in the area and style of the room, activities and hobbies of all residents.