Sofa Ornament Big
3 447

Sofa Ornament Big

3 447
  • Measurements (L/D/H), cm.: 305+170x100x80
  • Upholstery: Fabric of your choice
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By removing everything unnecessary, we got lightness. The Ornament Big sofa is different, not like the others. Instead of bulky armrests and backrests, there is now a space that sometimes we all lack.

The lightness hides extraordinary comfort, which is emphasized by the filling with down feathers, both in the back and seat cushions, plus an amazing seat depth (70 or 80 cm – optional). Comfort hides practicality – from now on, to change the configuration, it is enough to rearrange the backrests or armrests.

And all this is a hidden pleasure.

Technical Details
Sofa Ornament Big
Technical Details Ornament Big 1

Wood, plywood, metal, down feather, polyurethane foam.

Extra photo Ornament Big
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