Loft style furniture

Loft style furniture

The loft style won an incredible number of fans due to the combination of demonstrative carelessness, functionality, and a special atmosphere of freedom. But with the pretended unpretentiousness, furnishing such a space is not easy – there is a risk of overdoing the “loft” and turning the house into an industrial warehouse. To prevent this from happening, you need to carefully choose furniture in the loft style. We will tell you further how to do it.

A little about loft

Loft style is a legacy of industrial New York of the last century when factory owners moved production out of the city, and creative individuals were looking for cheap rental housing. Bohemians fancied abandoned factory buildings. Workshops, exhibitions, and galleries were held in huge lofts with high ceilings and windows. Over time, unplastered brickwork, concrete ceilings, and smoked wooden beams became integral attributes of the “Loft” style.

But times сhane. And with them – and style. A modern loft can be nominally divided into two styles:

Industrial or heavy loft is represented by large open spaces with high windows, stairs, and non-working factory equipment. The design of such spaces impresses either with an emphasized brutal design or with the outrageousness of the decor. Cafes, bars, restaurants, exhibition halls, and art spaces are often designed in that way.

Soft loft is rather an industrial theme stylization – not so brutal, but recognizable style, suitable for connoisseurs of “breathing” light interiors and restrained decor. This design can be used both in a new building with an open layout, in a country house, and in a typical apartment.

However non of loft theme variations are complete without upholstered furniture – it always remains in a prominent place and supports the elements of style:

1.   Open layout

In an ideal loft interior, only the bathroom is enclosed by a solid wall. The rest of the space should remain open, without capital walls and corridors, and storage places should be built-in and inconspicuous. Transparent partitions help to delineate areas for living, but they are not always appropriate in small areas. What’s left? That’s right, upholstered furniture. In addition, loft furniture performs not only its direct but also architectural function – it helps to zone the space.

2.   Maximum comfort

The “abandonment” effect does not mean a lack of comfort and coziness. Therefore, the environment should be comfortable. You can’t do without upholstered furniture here either, because it best balances the brick walls and “stripped” ceilings. Straight and corner sofas are suitable. Modular models are ideal – modules can be moved at your discretion in free space. Additional poufs, bedside benches, blankets, and rugs of neutral shades will be a plus. Poufs, consoles, shelves, and coffee tables will fit perfectly into the loft.

3.   Functionality in everything

Usability is another feature of the loft style. After all, the interior should be not only aesthetic but also suitable for everyday life. It is good if the standard models fit into the existing space. If this or that piece of furniture fits in style but does not fit in size, it can be “recut” to the given dimensions. Loft furniture according to individual measurements will solve at least two problems: convenience and ideal placement in the designated meters.

4.   Mix of new and old in the interior

It is the combination of the incompatible that makes the loft so desirable. Large furniture with a laconic shape and a neutral shade will become a necessary base. Accessories and small-sized furniture – poufs, lounges, and various chairs – will add a playful mood to the interior. And the highlight will be a grandmother’s dresser or a designer lamp. The main thing is that every thing in the interior has a character, and all things together make the interior perfectly balanced.

5.   Reasonable economy

With external freedom and careless elegance, the loft style is characterized by cost-effectiveness. This quality is especially valuable in cases when you want “everything at once” and the budget is not enough for everything. You should not save on sofas and mattresses, for example. However, you can significantly save on decoration. To get a perfect loft, it is enough to leave the walls and ceiling unplastered or expose the brickwork. And you can gradually fill the house with furniture. After all, incompleteness is another characteristic of the loft.

Basic choice factors


The general style of the loft is as laconic and restrained as possible with an emphasis on convenience and clean lines. A sofa, for example, can be of any shape, but without unnecessary details or curves. However, deep seats, low and wide armrests are welcome. After all, comfort is the most important thing.


In interiors with a “loft mood” there are two directions regarding the color range: brutal “factory” with shades of blurred gray, gray-brown, terracotta on one hand, and studio white on another. This applies to the walls and ceiling. The furniture is used minimally, so it is better to choose large-sized items in neutral shades. The models which are too bright will “eat up” space, look bulky and become boring quickly. However, you can play with contrasts on smaller objects – poufs, chairs, paintings. Be sure that these bright objects are no more than 20-25% of all shades in each room.


The loft is based on three main materials: wood, glass, and metal. It is better to use concrete and wood in the decoration or a kitchen set, and the metal will look better on other furniture. These can be metal legs for a sofa, armchair, and bedside table, and also forged decorative elements. The main thing is that the metal does not look defiantly new, but looks somewhat worn or emphatically brutal.

And what about personal comfort?

Indeed, an advertising picture from the Internet does not have to be completely transferred to your home. There is no need to tear off the plaster or run an air duct under the ceiling. It is enough to add individual elements of style and furnish the house with high-quality and comfortable pieces of furniture. After all, the main thing in the interior is an emotion that encourages you to think about something pleasant. And the trigger for this can be anything – it is quite possible that it will be furniture in the loft style. Especially if it is soft 🙂