What are bed slats and why are they so popular

What are bed slats and why are they so popular

To the question “Why did you buy a bed with a slatted mattress base?” most buyers answer something like this: “The seller advised, so I bought it.” And to the question “Why do you think bed slats are needed?” they shrug their shoulders – “It had to be like that.” Yes, we also advise customers to buy a bed with a slatted base. Sometimes we even strongly recommend it. Why do we do this? Here is the story…

What are slats?

Slats in furniture are slightly convex plates made of strong and flexible material. Usually made of wood. Slats of the same length, thickness and width are installed across the frame at an equal distance from each other, forming a grid. And a mattress is already placed on this grid base.

How do slats work? When a person lies down on the bed, part of the load is transferred from the mattress to the flexible plates. Some plates bend more, others less, and the weight of the body is distributed evenly over the entire bed area. As a result, the slats+mattress construction provides the body with ideal support – the spine remains elongated in a straight line, preserving natural curves. This position of the body, according to doctors, allows getting maximum relaxation and rest.

It’s worth adding that the maximum anatomical effect of the design occurs only when a high-quality slatted frame and a correctly selected orthopedic mattress are combined.

The slatted frame base has other additional advantages:

  1. Improves air circulation between the mattress and the base. The gaps between the slats ensure proper air movement, as a result the mattress “breathes” better, moisture and dust do not accumulate under it.
  2. Extends the life of the bed. Over time, the weight and habits of family members may change, and the base of the bed wears out from constant loads. If one or more bed slats break, they can be purchased and replaced. This will cost less than replacing the entire base or the entire bed.
  3. Reduces the weight of the bed without losing its strength. The smaller weight of furniture plays a role in its transportation. This advantage is especially valuable in cases where there is a need to transport the bed from place to place several times.

So, you are determined and want to buy a bed with a base on a slatted frame. What is important to think about?

What should be considered when choosing bed slats?


Wood is used for the production of frame slats: at the production site, the dry mass of wood is cut into thin layers of veneer, the layers are impregnated with a special adhesive solution and dried in such a way that the finished bar acquires the desired, slightly curved shape. To protect against moisture, the slats are covered with varnish. he finished bar must be not only strong but also elastic. Therefore, only elastic types of wood are suitable for slats – pine, birch, and beech.

Pine is the cheapest. The lifespan of a pine bar is no more than one year, so pine is used to make the most budget-friendly and, unfortunately, the most unreliable furniture.

Birch is a popular material with the most optimal price-quality ratio. The lifespan of birch plates is 3-5 years, depending on the load. A suitable option for a person of average weight or a child.

Beech is a solid, noble wood that is highly resistant to deformation. For example, one beech beam can withstand a weight of up to 40 kg. Slats made of beech can withstand changes in humidity and temperature, reliably hold fasteners and, when used properly, can last for 10 years or more.


Each slat is attached to the bed frame with the help of individual fasteners – slat holders. The beam is not fixed rigidly in the slat holder: it remains in place, but at the same time it can “move” inside the holder.

Arrangement and quantity

Slats serve as shock absorbers, so the quality of the anatomical base of the bed depends on their location. But the option “the more, the better” does not work in this case.

Specialists have their own formulas: the optimal distance between the beams is 20-60 mm, and the optimal number of transverse plates for one person is from 22 to 30 pieces. A denser arrangement of slats can be advised for people with significant weight – from 100 kg or more.

One orthopedic grid is installed in single beds. In double beds, frame-slats are installed in 2 rows – individually for each sleeping person.

Now you know everything (or almost everything) about bed slats. A specialist’s consultation will help you make the right decision and choose your slatted bed.

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