Myths about sofas

Myths about sofas

Each of us has an understanding of the “perfect sofa”. Someone believes that the anti-vandal upholstery cannot be destroyed, and someone is convinced that the sofa is quite suitable for everyday sleep. We have collected the most popular and controversial myths about sofas: we will confirm some and strongly deny others.

Myth 1. High-quality upholstery fabric does not require additional care

Truth: sofa fabrics are certainly more durable than ordinary ones – they have a different density, wear resistance, and resistance to burning. Some upholstery fabrics are additionally treated with special liquids that repel liquids, dirt, and grease.

Misconception: any fabric deteriorates from daily stress, and the impregnation fluid gradually loses its properties. No textile upholstery fabric (except tarpaulin, of course) can withstand tests such as “child’s surprise”, dirty paws of a pet, or heat from a dropped hookah. And also: with any lifestyle of the owners, regular care of the sofa is required – vacuuming, dry cleaning, and simple household neatness.

Myth 2. Anti-claw fabric is a panacea for pets

Truth: a fabric with the most dense interweaving of threads is called anti-vandal, due to which the surface of the upholstery is able to resist attacks by pets.

Misconception: it is difficult but possible to damage the anti-vandal fabric. To understand how false the stereotypes about “eternal” fabric are, it is enough to watch a video of how pets tear wooden doors to shreds or disassemble carpets into individual threads. Only a new cover and proper upbringing of the pet will save you from such a robbery. And not the promises of marketers or the hope for a miracle. There will be no miracle, unfortunately.

Myth 3. The fabric on a soft sofa should be like a taut string

The truth: there is none.

Misconception: perfectly even tension of the fabric is ensured due to dense filler. In soft down cushion seats, accordingly, the filler is down-soft – due to which the dreamy down softness is achieved. So, in this case, the simple laws of physics or household logic are included: one of two things is possible – downy softness or perfect tension of the fabric on a hard sofa.

Myth 4. A soft sofa should be soft from the first minute of use

Truth: indeed, a new sofa feels more firm than a similar sample from the store.

Misconception: You have not been deceived and there are no mistakes. Additional firmness is provided by new materials (upholstery, filler), which need to be softened a little. So feel free to buy down-soft sofas, problems with them will disappear after 2-3 weeks of use.

Myth 5. If I read a lot of articles about sofas, the advice of the consultant in the store can be ignored

Truth: before buying expensive furniture, it is really worth preparing – re-read the articles on the manufacturers’ websites, evaluate the style of the house, and the possible dimensions of the sofa.

Misconception: firstly, no author will tell all the intricacies of the choice that an experienced sales consultant knows about. Secondly, articles are written for a “generalized” buyer, and the seller will work directly with you. And thirdly, sofas are not bought so often to neglect the advice of professionals.

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