Which sofa is better: corner or straight

Which sofa is better: corner or straight

Are you finishing repairs in a house or apartment? Do you want to equip the living room so that everyone has enough space? Then you can not do without a sofa. To navigate the sofa world and understand which sofa is better – corner or straight, read our tips. If you consider everything in advance, the sofa will fit into the space and will satisfy all your requirements.

Popular sofa shapes 

According to our observations, both shapes of sofas, both straight and corner, are traditionally equally in demand. The classic straight sofa has its advantages: versatility, reliability, compactness. Corner models are also not lacking the love of customers: they have a very impressive appearance and are diverse enough to bring the desired comfort to life.

There are many corner and straight sofas, and almost every model can be:

  • can be made in the desired color, size and design;
  • can be upholstered with the material of the chosen texture and the desired color;
  • can be provided with filler of ideal softness for you;
  • can be made with legs or with a solid base, with or without armrests;
  • can be completed with a mobile backrest, headrests and additional decorative pillows;
  • can be a spectacular accent of any interior.

So, it’s not only about the shape of the sofa, but what kind of atmosphere it will create in your home.

What else to consider when choosing a sofa 

To decide which sofa is better to choose – corner or straight – you need to answer the following 4 questions before:

1. What is the room area

The sofa is a noticeable piece of furniture, so its size should be commensurate with the area of the room. If the room is not large, it is better to choose a compact straight sofa. If the space allows, you can experiment with an angular, U-shaped shape or install a couple of straight sofas.

2. What is the room configuration

The sofa with its dimensions can visually correct the unsuccessful shape of the room or can zone the room. For example, a corner sofa in the center helps to divide the space into different functional areas, without using solid walls. And the sofa installed across the long wall will make the elongated room”more square” and cozy.

If there is a niche in the room, a straight sofa will perfectly fill it. It will also be well located in the passage room, where you need more space for maneuvers. Well, a straight sofa with the back to the wall is a kind of classic of the genre for a square room.

3. How big is your family

A straight sofa can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people. But for a large family, moreover, with pets, the area of seats for sitting and lying should be chosen much larger. And in this case, corner sofas with more seats will be useful.

4. What is the purpose of the room

If you want to have a room for a quiet rest in a narrow family circle, you should choose a voluminous corner sofa or choose a straight model with a seating depth of 90 cm or more.

For gatherings with a large family or in the company of friends, you can install two straight sofas, one in front of the other. Of course, if the room area allows. Or you can complement the corner version with a couple of mobile poufs.

In the waiting room, office or library, a compact straight sofa with a firm back and small armrests will be a great choice.

Other solutions 

If the question “which sofa to choose – corner or straight” is still unanswered, there is another solution – a module sofa. Individual modules can be combined at your own discretion, turning a classic straight sofa into a corner or U-shaped one. But for additional movements you will need 3-4 square meters of free space, so a modular sofa is probably not suitable for small rooms.

And an addition from us. When choosing the shape of the sofa, do not get hung up on “how it is usually done” or “how it should be done”. This is your home and with a moderate approach, a sofa of any configuration will get accustomed in it. And also – we advise you to trust proven manufacturers who care not only about the appearance of furniture, but also about the comfort of their customers.

Have a nice rest!