Upholstered furniture in hygge style

Upholstered furniture in hygge style

According to the Danish hygge philosophy, every home should have its own “Huggekrog”. Huggekrog means “cozy corner” in translation. This very hygge-place where you can relax, immerse yourself in your inner world, and find harmony. In our cozy corner, we are happy here and now. A hygge-place is created by dear people and favorite things – books, textiles, and, of course, upholstered furniture.

The Danes follow the concept of quality, comfort, and simplicity without excess. We do too. So what exactly is the Danish hygge philosophy for choosing upholstered furniture?

Upholstered furniture in hygge style:

Simple and functional

Hygge space does not tolerate excessive luxury or demonstrative consumption. It is always open and filled with the bare essentials. But this does not mean that the furniture in the hygge space is bland or ascetic. On the contrary, each model has a stylish and interesting design – a rounded shape, light support legs, movable headrests. Thus, a modern and laconic sofa becomes not only the center of your home, but will always attract attention with its expressiveness and elegant forms.

Extremely comfortable

Danish comfort is when you are the one who feels comfortable at home. From here comes the comfortable design of the cushion seats and armrests, the filler of the required softness (from dense to down-soft), a large number of cushions, soft headrests, additional poufs, and (if desired) an increased seating depth – everything that allows us to equip our “sweet idleness” and become a little happier.

Lasts long

A personal hygge space is not created at once but is filled with furniture and accessories over time. Therefore, upholstered furniture is made exclusively from the best materials. The frame, filler, and upholstery serve for a long time – with careful handling, 10-15 years, no less.

In harmony with nature

Anything that looks like a home Holi festival is not hygge. Hygge furniture is characterized by clean and calm shades. It is not necessarily pastel. Upholstery colors can be saturated – dark blue or graphite gray, for example. The main thing is that they remain in harmony with nature and unobtrusively contrast with other interior details.

Always up-to-date

Interior accessories created by Danish designers 50-70 years ago are still fashionable and in high demand. All because hygge design is developed with close attention to details – proportions, shape, and visual perception are perfect here. And brevity, quality, and self-sufficiency never go out of fashion.

Promotes communication

A slow conversation with loved ones is another key moment of hygge. Moreover, Danes prefer to spend hygge holidays at home and choose small and even tight spaces for communication where people sit close to each other. That is why roomy deep sofas are becoming more and more popular – you can get on them with family or friends and just have a good time. If there is not enough space on the sofa for everyone, additional poufs come in handy.

Used as intended

Scandinavians are sure that a “healthy body has a healthy mind” and never choose “either-or”. They sleep on quality mattresses, know how to choose a bed in the hygge style, and manage to place it even in a small area. And what to do when you also need a sofa? You can get rid of unnecessary decor but not the furniture necessary for relaxation.

Gives emotions

Hygge upholstered furniture serves as a certain trigger that brings us back to outstanding and pleasant moments from life. A soft and comfortable sofa in the hygge style surrounds with stories, awakens the imagination and helps support the main idea of ​​the hygge space – to maintain an atmosphere of coziness and enveloping warmth.

Fits into any space

A hygge-place is beautiful because it does not accept any rules, it needs freedom of expression. The model that you like can always be modified to suit you – add or remove sections, change the seating depth, remove the armrests. There are no location requirements either. Sofas can be placed wherever you want – against the wall or in the corner of the room, hidden in a cozy niche or placed in the center of the room opposite each other.

And finally: you don’t have to move to Denmark or Sweden to experience hygge. It is enough to buy upholstered furniture in the hygge style, listen to yourself and enjoy the moment.

There are no strict rules, remember? After all, this is your home.