About Sofas

About Sofas

A sofa is not just a piece of furniture that makes your home look stylish and cozy. The sofa should be comfortable, beautiful, ergonomic, and, of course, reflect the personality of its owner. We offer ready-made sofas from our catalog and customized sofas to our customers.

For those who are planning to buy sofas from Interia, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions before you visit the Studio.

Question 1: Who is going to use the sofa and how?

Before you buy a sofa, you need to decide how you are going to use it. The appearance of the sofa and your personal comfort depend on this.

A small sofa is a sofa that is often bought for small rooms, or as an additional sofa in a bedroom or office. Unfortunately, small sofas are rarely deep enough to lie down comfortably. Most models also do not have folding mechanisms, but there are options.

Models with three or four seats are the best choice for couples and families with children, or when the room space allows you to fit it. In addition, you can “play” with the configuration, additional poufs, or even an armchair.

Big sofas become the resting areas and the center of attraction of any home. They are not about elegant sitting at the table. They are designed for lounging, relaxing, and idling. Large sofas should be comfortable enough to meet the requirements of all family members.

Tip: Make sure you focus not on the guests, but on the lifestyle and wishes of your family members. Do you have a lot of wishes? We have an Interia sofa for everyone.

Question 2: How much space is available for a sofa in the house?

An XXL sofa looks luxurious, but in an ordinary house, it may seem too bulky. Or it may simply not fit in the room. Carefully measure whether the room has enough space for a large sofa. Are you planning to buy a sofa bed? Make sure you have enough space for the sofa to be fully unfolded.

Tip: in addition to the length of the sofa, be sure to take into account the depth – whether there is enough space for decorative items such as a coffee table or a pouf, whether the passage will be comfortable, whether there is enough distance to the TV area, etc.

Question 3: How tall are you?

You should also consider the height and depth of the seat in advance. A high sofa, for example, is easier for tall or elderly people to get up from. But low, deep sofas are much more comfortable.

Tip: If you find it difficult to make up your mind on this issue, just come to our showrooms and personally test different softnesses and seat depths. You will definitely find yours.

Question 4: Sofa upholstery

When it comes to upholstery, it’s important to understand what technical task it is supposed to fulfill. The task of office furniture upholstery is to maintain its appearance, not to fade in the sun, etc. Textiles for home furniture have much more tasks. It must resist pet invasions, children’s games, long-term sitting and lying down, repeated cleaning from stains, and much more.

Tip: If you are not 100% sure about the characteristics of upholstery fabrics, contact us for a consultation. We will offer you tested high-quality samples of fabrics for the sofa, the price of which will be within the planned budget.

Question 5: Should your sofa be an accent piece in the interior, or do you want to play it up with accessories?

Using the sofa as an art object, you can show your individuality. However, it will not be easy to do it without the help of a designer. In design projects, the sofa is usually the centerpiece: they choose a model and then assemble the decor around it. Neutral-colored sofas with a laconic shape can be played up with bright pillows and creative accessories that are easier to replace if you want.

Tip 5: You should choose the direction of your comfort and feelings rather than the fashionable trend. Here you can order an individual sofa that will meet all your needs.

In conclusion

It’s better to take your time, think it over carefully, and buy a sofa according to your individual size. After all, a comfortable design, high-quality filler, and upholstery pay off with a long service life and good mood.

We will customize a sofa that will fit perfectly not only into the room but also into your life.

Any model of sofa should emphasize the uniqueness of your home. If you realize that this is your sofa in front of you, it’s great, go ahead!