What types of sofas are there: configuration, fillers, upholstery materials

What types of sofas are there: configuration, fillers, upholstery materials

Today it is easy to get lost in the variety of sofa models. You can spend a long time choosing a practical fabric and end up with the wrong color; not pay enough attention to the overall dimensions and get a sofa that takes up half the room. Or you can trust other people’s reviews and get a sofa that is uncomfortable for you. So in this article, we’ll talk about the technical side of the sofa: configurations, fillers, and upholstery materials.

So, what  sofas are there:

By configuration

Straight – the classics of the genre. They are embodied in any style, color, size. Suitable for any home or office space. An interesting solution may be when the room allows you to put two straight sofas opposite each other. Stylish and comfortable.

Corner sofas – whoever space and place allows. They can fill an empty corner, perform the function of zoning in the room. And it is always incredibly comfortable, because you can not only sit on the sofa, but also comfortably sit with your legs.

Modular is a home construction set that is valuable for its transformation options. By rearranging the individual blocks, removing the backrests or armrests, sliding the modules apart, you can get a completely different look for your sofa.

And they can also be with or without armrests, with mobile backs, with removable pillows or additional headrests.

By the level of softness of the filler

The softness or hardness of a sofa depends on the filler. Moreover, it is usually not just a single type of filler, but a combination of different layers of natural or synthetic down, different types of polyurethane foams and bases.

Softness is an individual choice for everyone. Upholstered sofas are like clouds – they are very comfortable, enveloping and lulling you in their arms.

Medium-hard fillers are quite comfortable for the body and retain their shape well after prolonged sitting or lying down.

Hard-filled sofas are suitable even for irregular sleep.

Sometimes softness is the buyer’s choice, sometimes it is a technological feature of the sofa. When choosing the degree of hardness of the sofa, it is also important to take into account the wishes of all the occupants – in this case, height and weight are of great importance.

About upholstery materials

Today, we are not limited in the choice of textures and colors of upholstery materials. However, this diversity sometimes makes it difficult to choose, and you can’t do without the help of experts.

A sofa is usually a fairly large piece of furniture, so choose a color that won’t irritate, and choose a texture based on the fact that you will sit or lie down on the sofa, constantly touching it.

Practical fabrics usually have a combination of natural and synthetic threads. This allows the fabric to remain pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

And we also want to note: there is no perfect sofa, it is yours. We are always ready to help and recommend, but the choice is always yours.