Which sofa to choose in 2022?

Which sofa to choose in 2022?

Trends for upholstered furniture do not change as dramatically as they do for clothes, but they do change. Do you want to know which new sofas we have prepared for our customers in 2022? Then read the article to quickly decide.

Modern trends in furniture design are confidently moving towards 100% comfort and “something simple”. Instead of a kaleidoscope of shades, you want something neutral, and instead of strict shapes, you want something fluffy. People listen more and more to themselves and rely on their own tastes. And we listen to buyers and communicate with designers. Minimalism, environmental friendliness, and elegant simplicity – here and now we create upholstered furniture that our customers want to see in their homes.

So, we present the new sofas of 2022 from Interia company

Hermes sofa seems to float in the air, its metal legs seem so light. This model will be the best solution for creating a modern interior: elegant, light, and without unnecessary decor. The environment can be changed as much as you want, and Hermes sofa will remain the base for any design.

Fellini sofa is more like a cozy cocoon. A deep seat and soft cushions give a feeling of protection, which is so necessary after a difficult day.

Place Air sofa is the essence of minimalism combined with thin lines and compact dimensions.

Place sofa looks like a real aristocrat. It is restrained, soft and incredibly cozy at the same time. Due to its smooth lines, it softens the restraint of the interior and adds sophistication.

But in general, modern sofa fashion is a fashion for comfort, where each buyer chooses what he likes and what suits him.

If you look globally, what else distinguishes the sofas of 2022?

Individuality. People are fleeing from standard furniture “like everyone else’s” in the direction of personal space. Convenience and personal taste are in fashion today.

Tactility. Another trend of modern furniture. Upholstery that is pleasant to the touch and soft filling is expected to maintain the cozy atmosphere of the home, not absorb it. That’s why we use high-quality tactile and pleasant upholstery materials for our sofas.

Furniture for the future. A sofa is still perceived as basic clothing: the most basic thing should be high-quality and neutral. The environment can be changed, repainted, or removed without damage to the budget. And large-sized furniture should remain relevant for the next year and even much longer. Therefore, we prefer to bet on a concise and practical design – our sofas do not get boring and remain beautiful for a long time.

Laconism. This year, the concept of elegant simplicity is becoming more and more relevant – designers advise not to overload the interior with unnecessary things and unnecessary details. And the sofa remains too conspicuous an object to be ignored. To support the feeling of open space, we offer our customers furniture without redundant elements. Even with impressive dimensions, our sofas are light and do not overload the space.

Emotion. Style in its “pure form” is becoming rarer and rarer, and the residence is increasingly becoming a reflection of the views and habits of the owners. So, it’s not about how this or that sofa looks but about the atmosphere it creates in the room. We create sofas of simple and clear forms and complement them with poufs and separate sections. So our customers will be able to combine furniture at their discretion, adapt the space to themselves, and fill it with their philosophy.

Ukrainian design. Every year, Ukrainian object designs win new prizes on the world stage. Our customers are increasingly interested in who created this or that interior item and want to know about the history and process of its creation. And here we can help 100 percent. We cooperate with Ukrainian designers, create furniture according to their projects and constantly update the collections.

But regardless of which design you choose for yourself, remember that there is no trend in comfort. Be fashionable, but rely on your own taste.