The right choice of bed size is the key to quality sleep

The right choice of bed size is the key to quality sleep

Quality sleep is impossible without a bed – no sofa will provide the same comfort as an orthopedic mattress. But to begin with, you need to clearly understand: which bed size to choose, taking into account the height, constitution, habits of the owners, and at the same time fit into the interior? We can tell you which elements can be neglected, and which cannot be sacrificed, even with a limited area of ​​​​the room.

So, in order not to spend too much and not to be disappointed with your choice after a couple of months, it is first of all necessary to take into account:

Bed size

The bed starts with a comfortable mattress, and the principle of “the bigger the better” does not work here. A mattress that is too big will not provide the expected comfort, and taking care of it and looking for bed linen will become torture. Therefore, before choosing the size of the bed, it is worth calculating the size of the sleeping place, and for this, recall your mathematics knowledge.

The length of the bed is usually calculated according to the formula: human height + 15-20 cm. It is also worth adding centimeters that “steal” pillows. The lovers of the classic square pillows are advised to add another 30 cm. Rectangular pillows take 10 cm less.

The width of the sleeping place, regardless of the bed size, is calculated the same for everyone – 80 cm for one person. To check how comfortable this width is, you can conduct a simple test: lie down on an 80 cm wide mattress, cross your arms over your chest and point your elbows in different directions. If the elbows do not hang out from the edges, then the width is ideal.

What size bed to choose for two? When calculating the total width, it is necessary to take into account the constitution of both partners, as well as know what position they sleep in. Because the “star” position requires more space than sleeping in each other’s arms.

The shape of the bed should be traditionally rectangular. Round or non-standard beds fit for one night but it is impossible to sleep on them all the time.

What are the different bed sizes available?

There are single, one-and-a-half, double, and made to order beds.

Single beds (width 60-90 cm, length 200 cm) are usually placed in guest rooms or teenagers’ rooms.

One and a half beds (width up to 160 cm, length 200 cm) are more often used for the comfortable sleep of two adults.

Double beds (width up to 200 cm, length 200 cm) are chosen not only by married couples but also by those who prefer maximum comfort during sleep.

When exploring the question “what are the optimal dimensions of a double bed”, it is worth considering that the dimensions of standard models may differ in different manufacturing countries. For example, most European manufacturers use one table, where the dimensions of the bed are indicated in centimeters. And American companies indicate dimensions in inches. Thus, a European-made mattress may not fit into an American frame. And vice versa. In order not to make a mistake, you can do it easier – order a bed and a mattress in the same store.

Room area

The overall dimensions of the bed can exceed the dimensions of the sleeping place by 20-40 cm. If the space allows, there is no need to worry – the voluminous headboard and soft side panels will add coziness and elegance to a large bedroom. Owners of small rooms should stop at models with a small headboard and a minimum of protruding parts. In any case, the comfort of the person who will sleep on the bed should remain constant.

For convenient movement around the room, you need to correctly calculate the width of the passages. According to the standard, the distance from the edge of the bed to the closet or wall should be 70 cm. A single bed can be placed near the wall and thereby save useful space. In a room for two, you need to provide enough space on both sides – it will be much easier to move around the bedroom and make the bed. If the bedroom has a complex or broken configuration, it is better to use the advice of an interior designer or furniture store consultants.

Why do we insist so much on consulting designers? Because store visitors, unfortunately, make the same mistakes. And we are sincerely upset when buyers:

  • are repulsed only by the appearance of the bed, disregarding its functionality;
  • sacrifice the size of the sleeping place in favor of a well-thought-out interior or previously purchased furniture (sideboards, console mirrors, tables);
  • choose a design “like that of our friends”, neglecting the size and style of their own bedroom;
  • allocate a budget for a bed, but instead forget about a high-quality orthopedic mattress.

We know that among the beds in our store you can always find a couple or three options of interesting models so that your bedroom is not only cozy but also ergonomic. Come, and we’ll tell you what size of bed to choose, we’ll help you choose the right mattresses on which all family members will sleep.