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The Pearl sofa will emphasize the style of your interior and the owner’s excellent taste. It seems so simple, but at the same time so original.
But the main thing about this sofa is comfort. And comfort is softness, the clay of the seat, and the softness of the backrest.
The softness of the sofa is much higher than average. You will be very comfortable if you like softer sofas.
The seat depth of 85 cm centimeters allows you to sit on the sofa with your feet, and if you need a more restrained seat, then the pillows made of down-feather filling will help you with this by reducing the seat depth.
The backrest and armrests are extremely soft, so you can lean on them without pillows. By the way, the cushions are included. This sofa model can be made both left- and right-handed by simply rearranging the modules.

We use only high-quality premium Italian fabrics that are extremely pleasant to the touch and emphasize the attractiveness of the furniture.


plywood, laminated chipboard, polyurethane foam, down, fabric.

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