The actual interior for all times

The actual interior for all times

The famous Frank Lloyd Wright kept saying that bad architecture can only be hidden under ivy. He was talking it and wa creating projects that are still relevant today. How did he manage to do it? When the architect was asked what he was betting on exactly , Wright answered: a systematic approach, intuition and personal preferences. It was this set that helped to create spaces that outlived him. We decided to figure out everything and set the right priorities.

Search of the sense or systematic approach 

To decide what you need, try to describe your desired lifestyle first. Answer honestly to all questions: what you like, what you don’t like, what is important and what is not so much, what is beauty for you and what is convenience. Everything that happens in the interior should be logically explained. Only in this case the space has a chance to stay relevant for years. For example, in a room decorated in a classic style, suddenly appears a modern sofa or bed . Or the opposite: classical forms appear in the modern one.

Such decisions must be justified somehow and conceptually supported. If the project is built according to a clear pattern, everything looks appropriate for many years and even for decades.

A sense of taste and intuition 

When you have an understanding of personal preferences, the next thing that professionals recommend to do is to create a mood board of your favorite interiors, armchairs, sofas, textiles and ornaments. If periodically you analyze everything that happens , you can easily identify not only what style is closest to you personally, but also become a real trend-setter. So have a look, observe and accumulate information! However, in the beginning, do not ignore the advice of global style agencies such as Carlin International Groupe, Trend Union or WGSN. In their latest trend books, they recommend focusing on maximum comfort and relaxation.


If we talk about trends, they can be divided into short-term and long-term. We are interested in the second ones, because only in this case the interior will become a kind of “basic wardrobe”, which you can easily combine with trendy details for many years. Eco-design, Scandinavian style or mix&match – choose the interior concepts that are relevant today, based only on your own preferences.

Short-term trends, meanwhile, will not live for a long time, but will help to make a spectacular impression and show the emotions of their owners. However, this approach will be more appropriate, probably, in the public interior than in the residential one. The main rule in the work of an architect is to be honest with yourself! As Wright said, a systematic approach, intuition, personal preferences plus knowledge of long-term trends will help to create an interior that will serve for many years.