About Mattresses

About Mattresses

If you buy an orthopedic mattress randomly, you can harm your health or waste your money. Before you buy a new mattress or replace an old one, let’s discuss a few things.

How orthopedic mattresses differ from traditional mattresses

An orthopedic (also known as anatomical) mattress is a supportive mattress that provides the spine with the most comfortable position during sleep. That is, the spine is supported in the right places: when you go to the bed, the mattress follows the natural individual curves of your body. Muscles relax, tension disappears, you sleep well and wake up energized in the morning. Regular mattresses do not have this effect.

Who is recommended for orthopedic mattresses

Anatomical mattresses are recommended primarily for children, teenagers, people with back problems, and people over 50. We advise everyone who cares about their health to buy an orthopedic mattress. We don’t just recommend it, we help you choose the right mattress.

So, where to start? Let’s start with the main thing

Spring or springless? It’s a matter of individual preference and budget. We decided on the choice of filling a long time ago and preferred springless models. We will tell you about them below.

A springless mattress combines layers of different fillers. One of the layers is the base, while the rest of the layers form the stiffness. By combining the layers of the mattress, the manufacturer changes the firmness: soft, hard, medium-hard. But you should choose a mattress not by the name from the catalog, but by your own feelings: some people will find any mattress not firm enough, while others will get tired during the night on a mattress labeled “soft.” We offer our clients to come to our studio and test the mattress in person.

What needs to be determined in advance?


A specialist can advise you on a model, but you will have to measure the bed yourself. The main thing is to measure not the overall dimensions of the bed, but the inner frame for the mattress. Standard mattress sizes are available in stock. If a client needs a customized orthopedic mattress, the price will differ from the catalog price depending on the size required. It is better to discuss these nuances with our consultant.


The firmness of a mattress directly depends on the weight of the person sleeping on it. Still, the main function of a mattress is to support. The heavier is the person, the more they sink in, and the denser the filler should be.

Individual preferences

What position do you like to take while sleeping? Do you like to read or watch TV in bed? Do you sleep alone or with a partner? Do you live in an apartment or in a private house? The consultant does not ask these questions out of curiosity.

So, for example, if the weight or habits of your partners are very different, it is better to buy two separate mattresses. By the way, a double orthopedic mattress is most often vacuum-packed and folded in such a way that it is easy to carry. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that open mattresses are non-refundable (they are equated to personal care items). That is why we advise you to test the models thoroughly before buying.

There are several conclusions

If you don’t get enough sleep, this is the first signal to replace your mattress. It’s better to start looking for a new one right away and not wait for spinal problems.

The choice of filler and its firmness is an individual matter. In addition to the size of the bed, age, weight, and your anatomical features are taken into account.

Comfortable sleep is also possible on the couch, but it will never replace an orthopedic mattress.

We have mattress samples in our Store. You can touch and try them out, as well as make a purchase right away. Most standard sizes are available in stock. Our consultants will tell you the actual terms for the manufacture and delivery of a custom-made mattress.

We wish you a pleasant sleep.