Living room in light colors

Living room in light colors

White, beige and light gray tones in a private interior are, first of all, tranquility. By giving the space at the disposition of such a combination of colors, we are guaranteed to have an atmosphere of harmony in our own space.

Basic palette. In the psychology of color, light colors mean less emotional and more intellectual coloring. And psychologists are right. Neutral colors cause approximately similar associations in everyone: a sense of harmony, innocence and relaxing comfort. At the same time, the light monochrome adjusts to the working mood, energizes for new things. Such coloring is universal and will be appropriate both in modern space and will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian interior, loft or Provence style interior. Beige, white, gray are suitable for any gender and age. As the light tones are the base; it can be used in the space with any functional task: in the bedroom, kitchen-dining room and living room. Let’s focus on the last one a little more.

Light tones in the living room will help:

  • to create a relaxing atmosphere;
  • visually expand the interior;
  • to form a universal space, which is not affected by the influence of time;
  • to create a neutral background for later decoration and creative experiments;

Furniture in the light living room 

The creation of the interior of any room (including the living room) always starts with finishing works and continues with the choice of appropriate cabinet and upholstered furniture. Comfortable sofas with light upholstery of various patterns and textures will help to create a bright space. And although there is still a stereotype about the impracticality of light upholstery, but time goes on, and the modern textile industry does not stay on the same place. Manufacturers of upholstery materials guarantee not only high durability, but also practicality. All sofas presented in the range of INTERIA can be made in any colors.

Neutrality VS contrast 

How exactly to decorate the interior of your own living room, is up to you. We already know that basic light colors will easily fit into any space, no matter who lives in it and how old its owners are. Should we use them in the design at 100% or should we go a more complicated way and try to create a mix of shades? In any case, the interior is a field for experiments that will stand everything. But to avoid mistakes, we suggest to choose a light background and light interior content. And if you want to add some contrasts, you can always use bright decorative pillows, rugs, carpets and paintings, which can be removed at any time, returning your space to a neutral color.